1. kellykazphotography:

    Emulation of Richard Avedon’s In the American West

    Photo Assitant : christrigaux

    I was the 4x5 camera operator for a shoot Kelly (who uses herself as model/character) to examine the tropes of photography for her BFA thesis. That includes a broad range, from cell phone selfies to large format documentary work. It’s pretty rad, check her out.

  4. My beautiful forehead.

  5. As a cyclist in Syracuse, winter can get really difficult. This image was taken march 14th testing out a new camera. The weather has since broken, and things are quite pleasant right now (fingers crossed).

  6. mwhphoto:

    I completed a major  goal I’ve had since entering school, producing a book of my own photography. 

    I’m  impressed with the quality of the printing, and the printing service I used gave me results above and beyond my expectations. 

    You can see a copy of the book at the BFA thesis showing on 4/23/14 at Spark Gallery

    The series in it’s entirety is also available on my website (mwhphoto.com), but print media is vastly superior to viewing online. 

    Thanks for the follows and support

    Oh, and my good buddy Chris Triguax took these awesome product shots for me. (christrigaux.tumblr.com)

  7. In the forest of the Czech Republic. #boringprettypicz

  8. I’m going through some old images and really missing medium format black and white.

    Out take from series Four Square

  9. This is the pair of czech speaking brothers who worked with us on JT415, they were pretty rad to hang out with us all day!

  10. The camera of JT415

  12. Nils

  13. Ellie.

  14. Mark

  15. Another selfie in the reflection of an LED advertisement.