1. 2014.034.1

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  3. This is an outtake from my time with Cobra Frames. See the full edit of photographs here. Earlier this week, Joe (above) and I discussed getting my very own Cobra built. I’m pumped! Bikes Bikes Bikes!

  4. I’ve been photographing tag sales in the suburbs of Connecticut. Red, white, and blue…

  5. Christmas, 2013.

  7. Mayfest, Syracuse University 2014

  8. Two 4x5 shots from the winter

  9. lol, it’s a monochrome rubik’s cube

  10. I spent an afternoon with Timothy Briner and now I’m thinking about pictures differently… or at least until my street camera gets repaired.

  11. Tourists chimping the statue of liberty.

  12. Mayfest, Syracuse, NY 2014.

  13. Mayfest.

  14. Backs at Mayfest, Syracuse University, 2014.

  15. Mayfest at Syracuse University, 2014.