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  3. Article on Humble Parrot and me in fixedfocallife - check it out

  4. While shooting my Cobra Frames edit, I was experimenting with both digital and film cameras. My wallet hates me for it, but film still looks better. And it’s not a question of resolution or dynamic range (the d800 has better optical fidelity than medium format any day). It’s about more pleasing tonal and color quality. As my roommate and I used to say, it’s got that creamy saturated fat, that whole milk mozzarella. 

    For the nerdz:

    top - nikon d800 with 50mm f/1.8 AF

    bottom - hasseblad 500cm 80mm f/2.8 CT*

    both shot with 44” shoot through umbrella with sb-600 speedlight trigged by pocket wizard plus x

  5. 2014

  6. 2014, crop from contact sheet

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  9. This is an outtake from my time with Cobra Frames. See the full edit of photographs here. Earlier this week, Joe (above) and I discussed getting my very own Cobra built. I’m pumped! Bikes Bikes Bikes!

  10. I’ve been photographing tag sales in the suburbs of Connecticut. Red, white, and blue…

  11. Christmas, 2013.

  13. Mayfest, Syracuse University 2014

  14. Two 4x5 shots from the winter

  15. lol, it’s a monochrome rubik’s cube